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April 2020: The "Biomedical Growth Research Initiative" starts a collaboration with Victor Egonu, who is building the leg lengthening surgery information platform Cyborg4Life https://cyborg4life.com/

April 2016: The homepage of the Biomedical Growth Research Initiative moves from http://www.growth-research.org to http://www.growthresearch.org 

June 2015: The Biomedical Growth Research Initiative has updated its standard contact letter. If you are interested in supporting our search for donators / investors, we will send you this standard contact letter, which you could use to contact possible donators / investors in your home town / home country. Every support would be very welcome.

March 2012: A German university researcher contacts the Biomedical Growth Research Initiative. He has some very interesting ideas concerning a gene therapy approach for height increase.

August 2008: The Biomedical Growth Research Initiative has received three official research proposals from university researchers in Canada, the USA and Hong Kong. One research proposal is based on a medical device technology, the other two research proposals are based on tissue engineering. We are now looking for donators / investors, in order to start the proposed research projects. We will need about 250.000 dollars to start at least one research project.

Of course every interested donator or investor will receive the official research proposals and he/she will be able to talk personally with the researchers and visit their laboratories before making a final funding decision.

March 2002: The Biomedical Growth Research Initiative (BGRI) is founded by an international team of people with various forms of short stature syndrome. The BGRI wants to support biomedical growth research projects, so that a safe and effective height increase therapy will be available as soon as possible.
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