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Aims and tasks of The Biomedical Research Initiative

These early research results suggest, that new therapies for growth disorders and height problems on the molecular level will be possible. But of course much more research is necessary. So specific biomedical growth research should be supported as well as possible. This is the aim of the "Biomedical Growth Research Initiative".

This international initiative of people with unwanted short stature wants to support biomedical growth research, so that new height increase therapies will be available as soon as possible.

The most important tasks of the initiative are:

  • Finding donators and/or investors for specific biomedical height increase research projects: This is the most important task of our initiative. We have received three detailed research proposals from worldwide leading biomedical research groups at respected universities. These research projects could revolutionize the therapy of unwanted short stature in the near future. But without funding these projects won´t be realized and nothing will change. So if you know any financially influential person, that may be interested in donating or investing into biomedical height increase research, please e-mail our contact person Harald Oberlaender at harald_oberlaender@hotmail.com Every interested donator or investor will receive the complete research proposals written by the researchers, all the necessary contact addresses and some additional information about the potential of biomedical research. Interested investors will also receive an initial market analysis. Surely a lot of people wish to be taller and we are convinced, that this treatment has blockbuster potential (more than 1 billion dollars market potential per year). So this research is surely also very interesting from a business point of view. Of course every interested donator or investor will be able to visit the researchers personally in their laboratories at their universities before making a final funding decision.
  • The information of the public about the potential of biomedical growth research: The more people are informed about the initiative, the more people will support biomedical height increase research. And so hopefully we will find an interested donator or investor soon. The public should also be informed, that height problems are serious problems and that short stature seriously affects many aspects of life, as the academic studies prove. The initiative plans to cooperate with TV-magazines, newspapers, radio shows etc.

So everybody, who is interested in supporting our search for interested donators and/or investors, please e-mail our contact person Harald Oberlaender at harald_oberlaender@hotmail.com

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